From High Point to Derby Downs : Soap Box Racing in High Point, N.C.

Although many of today's youth only know of the event through movies such as The Little Rascals, soap box derby racing was wildly popular during the mid-20th century. A boys only event, participants would, with sponsorships from local businesses, build and decorate cars to take part in the yearly event. 1951 The First Annual Soap Box Derby Race held in the City of High Point was organized by the High Point Lions Club, WMFR, and Lyle's Chevrolet Company in 1951. The event continued to draw in crowds until its end in 1972.

Left: Cars lined up before the 1952 High Point Derby (2007.041.060)

If you would like to take part in a Soap Box Derby or learn more about the history of the All American Soap Box Derby Program, please visit their website.

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From High Point to Derby Downs